Researcher, Advisory Service KPMG

Researcher, Advisory Services, KPMG in Taiwan.
(July 2017 - June 2018) 

(1) CyberARK Discovery & Audit
(2) Business process compromise
(3) Host and web application vulnerability scan
(4) Mobile Application Security test

Datacenter Operation Engineer

Cardinal Tien Junior College of Healthcare and Management.
(September 2016 - Present) 

Hardware Management:

  • Install and configure operating systems and other software, routinely test installed software for glitch detection and other issues.
  • Monitor existing systems to ensure structural integrity and cyber security.
  • Evaluate and analyze the development and installation of new hardware and software.
  • Key achievements: Three expansion plans conducted, scope of hard disk, ram, power, warn parts replacement.

Network Management:

  • Responsible for Firewall, Router, Wireless Network, DNS, Vlans and network operation across campus.
  • Maintain and sustain network infrastructure for wired, wireless, and data center network systems; investigate and resolve network and hardware matters of significance; research, analyze, isolate and resolve errors.
  • Install and configure network equipment, routinely test configurations for glitch detection and other issues.
  • Key achievements: Network L2 and L3 switches configuration were reconfigured, network efficiency was increased.

Cyber Security Audit:

  • Monitor Operations devices and applications for proper operation and performance.
  • Investigate, diagnose, and give orders to take actions on all operational events, alarms and incidents.
  • Identify major incidents, restoring services where possible and engaging the Incident Management team when a major incident is identified.
  • Maintain operational logs all alerts and requests, recording and classifying all related messages; maintain all operational data collection procedures, mechanisms and tools.
  • Key achievements: Host and web application vulnerability scan were performed for self-development and out sourced programs. Reports were made and patches are monitored and tracked.

Service virtualization and management:

  • Mass end-user deployment of Windows 7 and Windows 10.
  • Create plans for deploying and administering virtual machines. Establish and maintain service levels, perform basic troubleshooting, monitor vSphere implementations and manage vCenter server alarms.
  • Configure, manage, troubleshoot virtual networks, virtual storage, and virtual machine management.
  • Review existing technology and implement improvements/upgrades.
  • Manage the effective delivery of the disaster recovery systems and processes and propose solutions for high availability and business continuity.
  • Key achievements: Virtualization plan was conducted, 15 physical servers were uninstalled and serveries were transferred to virtualization.

Equipment Procurement and solution implantation:

  • Responsible for mail server replacement by Google for Education.
  • Responsible for the procurement of IT hardware, software and maintenance service contracts and agreements.
  • Collaborate with campus stakeholders to provide support for services identify, evaluate and analyze hardware and software.
  • Maintain and manage software license information updates, maintenance/support/SaaS renewals agreements prior to renewal expirations to ensure compliance.
  • Key achievements: The following projects was conducted: Vmware virtualization, Google for Education, new server and storage procure- ment, datacenter cooling solution.

End-User Helpdesk:

  • Assist end-user in resolution of issues pertaining to Laptops, workstations and printers.
  • Assist end-user in the resolution of technical issues.
  • Maintain accurate inventory of work tools, equipment, and devices.


Department of Information, Taipei Medical University-Shuang Ho Hospital (September 2013 - January 2014)
Language: C# 
Database: Oracle

Full Stack Development projects: 
Visiting Doctor Attendance System
Hospital Access Control System
Hospital Access Control System
Specimen Tracking System
Emergency Status System Connected  With Local Emergency Service Dispatch Center

Assisted developed project:
Health Information System - Module Debugging


Master of Information Management, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Sept., 2016- June, 2018)
Bachelor of Information Management, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology (Sept., 2014- June, 2016)
Associate of Information Management, Cardinal Tien Junior College of Healthcare and Management (Sept., 2009- June, 2014)

Language proficiency

TOEIC Reading and Listening Score 955/990 (February, 2018)
TOEIC Speaking and Writing Speaking: 7/8 Writing 7/8 (May, 2013)


Microsoft Certified Professional (June, 2012)
Microsoft Technology Associate: Networking Fundamentals (June, 2012)
Microsoft Technology Associate: Security Fundamentals (June, 2011)
Microsoft Technology Associate: Operating System Fundamentals (June, 2011)
Microsoft Office Specialist 2007 Master (June, 2012)


1.     Using Interactive Mobile Devices to Enhance TOEIC Vocabulary Learning. ,KOTESOL International Conference 2018 Jhyyi Chen, Kai-Jye Chia
2.     Facilitating Student’s Interactions and Language Learning in a Gamed-based Mobile Learning Environment HKAECT 2018, Jhyyi Chen, Kai-Jye Chia
3.    A Study of College Student’s Reception to a Blended Learning MOOC Platform HKAECT 2018, Kai-Jye Chia, Gwo Guang Lee
4.    Optimal individual and group preventive maintenance policies for a two-device system with a threshold value on age, ACEAIT International Conference 2018, Kai Jye Chia, Chao Wang and Wen Liang Chang
5.    Using Technology as a Vehicle to Increase the Study of English for Cosmetic Purposes(ECP) in ESL Classroom, International Conference on ESP 2017, new technologies and digital learning, Jhyyi Chen, Kai-Jye Chia
6.    Promoting English learning in virtual Classroom, JALT International Conference 2017, Kai-Jye Chia, Gwo Guang Lee
7.    Integrating Concept Mapping and Prediction Skills in the ESP Classroom ,KOTESOL International Conference 2016 Jhyyi Chen, Kai-Jye Chia
8.    Developing Learners’ English Skills in Medical Terminology, KOTESOL International Conference 2016 Chinghua Liu, Kai-Jye Chia

Working Experience

Researcher ,KPMG in Taiwan  - (July 2017 - Present)
IT Engineer ,Department of Information Cardinal Tien Junior College of Healthcare and Management - (September 2016 - Present)
Part-time Project Research Assistance, Ministry of Science and Technology - (August 2016 - Present)
Computer Club Instructor, Taipei Long Men Junior High School - (September 2016 - Present)
Part- Time Assistance, Department of Information Management Cardinal Tien Junior College of Healthcare and Management - (February 2014 - June 2014)
Part- Time Assistance, Holistic Education Center Cardinal Tien Junior College of Healthcare and Management - (February 2011 - June 2014)
Information Technology Consultant, Sun Yang Paper  - (January 2013 - August 2013)
Part- Time Assistance, Student Assistance Division Office of Student Affairs Cardinal Tien Junior College of Healthcare and Management - (September 2011 - July 2012)


Property Management System, CTCHM  - Full Stack Develop, Server Maintenance
Language Proficiency Management System, CTCHM  - Full Stack Develop, Server Maintenance
Official Website, Kimi Tang  - Full Stack Develop, Server Maintenance
Official Website, Chinese Cheongsam Association - Full Stack Develop, Server Maintenance
Official Website , Holistic Education Center CTCHM - Website Design and Management
Student Project Management Platform, Department of Information Management CTCHM - Server Maintenance and Management
Campus English Newspaper, CTCHM - Editor


2018 Tour De Taiwan - Vice Director of International Reception Team.
2017 Tour De Taiwan - Vice Director of International Reception Team.
2016 Tour De Taiwan - International Reception Team, Medical Team Contact, Information Technology Support
2015 Tour De Taiwan - International Reception Team, Medical Team Contact, Information Technology Support
2014 International Skating Union Four Continents Figure skating Championships - Leader of Timekeeping
2014 Tour De Taiwan - International Reception Team, Traffic Control, Information Technology Support
2013 Tour De Taiwan - International Reception Team, Information Technology Support
2011 Overseas Chinese School Youth Volunteer Project of Executive Government - Information Technology Volunteer Taipei School in Hồ Chí Minh Vietnam



2015 Cross-Straight Entrepreneur,  Xiamen Municipal - Expo Invitation
2014 Mobile Application Development, Sayling wen Cultural and Education Foundation - Outstanding Award
2014 Young College Elite of 2014, China Youth Corps
2014 National English News Broadcasting of Higher-Education  - National Champion
2013 Southern Region English Short-Video of Higher-Education - Southern Region Second Award
2013 Northern Region English Drama of Higher-Education - Northern Region Champion
2013 Northern Region English News Broadcasting of Higher-Education - Northern Region Champion
2012 Summer International Volunteer Result Seminar  - Outstanding Award
2012 Northern Region English News Broadcasting of Higher-Education - Northern Region Second Award
2011 Northern Region English Story Telling of Higher-Education - Northern Region Champion 
2010 Website Design Competition - Second Award

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